Digital Platform for Diagnosis, Treatment,
and Management of Respiratory Disease

Focusing on Respiratory Disease
Helping Diagnosing Treating Hierarchically

The distribution of medical resources is uneven, large hospitals are now facing unlimited
basic medical needs with limited doctors and other medical resources.

Apply the healthy China strategy, promote Internet Plus strategy in the medical field, train
more general practitioners, carry on hierarchical diagnosis and treatment.

-- Government Work Report 2018

Yue Cloud

Lung Function Measurement and Analysis Diagnosis Assistance Management for Chronic Disease

More About Yue Cloud

Applicable Scene

Primary Hospital, Hospital Outpatient, Ward Bedside, Physical Examination

AI-Enhanced Analysis for Quality Control and Reports Interpretation

Automated quality control over the whole measurement process, giving real-time feedback about potential mistakes.

individually interpreting lung function report for every patient, making the diagnosis progress more efficient and reliable by revealing potential risks.

Diagnosis Assistance

Predicting the probability of attack and grading the disease based on the lung function report and related symptoms.

Providing individual prescription suggestion and medication principle based on the analysis of patient's data and other classic cases.

Hierarchical Diagnosis and Treatment