Respiratory Muscle Trainer


  • Training the inspiratory & expiratory muscles at one time.
  • 1-5 grades of independent inspiratory and expiratory resistance settings.
  • Respective mouthpiece for patients and Athletes.
  • Portable lightweight.
  • Easy to use.

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Application Scenarios

For patients with Asthma and COPD (in the stable period), COVID-19 infections in the rehabilitation therapy, CHF, SLEEP APNEA who need to increase their Oxygen flow

  • To improve the respiratory muscles' strength and lung capability as well as lung ventilation
  • To improve the oxygen uptake to vital organs
  • To decrease dyspnea
  • To improve the ability of independent coughing, speech & swallow ability
  • To help clear phlegm

    For Athletes who need to improve the physical performance in their high intensity training

  • To increase the oxygen supply to muscles
  • To Improve the inspiratory strength
  • To strength the exercise endurance
  • To enlarge the vital capacity
  • To train the anaerobic threshold
  • To get relaxation through the breathing exercises
  • Instructions

    Stand or sit up upright and hold the Lung Fitness by your lips or teeth with the mouthpiece you choose.

    Switching to diaphragmatic breathing in your practicing. We Suggest training start from level 1.

    Select and Increase the inspiratory and expiratory resistance gears when you’re able to do more. Please do your breathing exercises gradually, choose the most appropriate resistance level.

    Practice 5-10 minutes each time, repeat 2-3 times a day. You will get the improvement 3weeks later by training constantly.


    inpiratory resistance dails from 1-5 Practicing of External intercostal & disphrgm muscles

    expiratory resistance dails from 1-5 Practicing of Internal intercostal & stomach muscles

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    Company Overview

    Shanghai SonmolTech Co., Ltd., established in 2014, is a technology-based company dedicated to changing the status of prevention and treatment of chronic diseases in China.

    Pitching in respiratory diseases (COPD & asthma), on the one hand, the company builds a hospital-oriented auxiliary analysis model of common respiratory diseases with the lung function big data as the core to help hospitals and doctors improve the diagnosis and treatment capacities of respiratory diseases. On the other hand, it collects out-of-hospital pathological information through intelligent hardware, oriented to patients with chronic respiratory diseases. By resorting to mobile and WeChat Apps, the company connects the data in and out of the hospital, providing a convenient platform for out-of-hospital remote follow-up and disease management of for patients with chronic diseases.

    The company is provided with strong R&D capabilities in the diagnosis and management of respiratory diseases, and has many intellectual property rights such as patents for invention, trademarks and software copyrights, as well as a R&D base more than 300m2 equipped with complete R&D equipment and instruments. The R&D team is composed of multi-disciplinary professional R&D technicians, accounting for 70% of the company's total staff, covering many professional fields such as medicine, machine learning algorithms, software, and embedding technology. SonmolTech has ranked among the best entrepreneurial firms related to the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases in China. Up to now, the company has launched a number of clinical research cooperation projects with a number of grade 3 and first-class hospitals and governmental health departments, receiving a wide recognition of the industry.