Family Health Solution for Respiratory Disease

Spray Nasal Irrigator
Shubao Electronic
Monitoring Device
Qiwubao Electronic
Monitoring Device

Nasal Irrigator
Deep Humid Nasal Cleaning

Sonmol Spray Nasal Irrigator

CFDA / FDA / TUV SUD Certificated

Cleaning as deep as nasal sinuses

Choking-free with spay technique

Different cleaning modes avaliable

Suitable for children

Enhanced Edition

Physical removal of nasal secretions

Inflammation control

Recover function of mucociliary

Reducing mucosal edema

Doctor-patient Management Platform
for Respiratory Disease

Shubao Electronic Monitoring Device

Auto recording medication data

Smart medication reminding

Correcting inhaling posture

Doctor-patient Management Applications
for Respiratory Disease Such as Asthma and COPD

Asthma Manager
Respiratory Doctor
COPD Manager