Anti-Choking Device Auto

Anti-Choking Device Auto

  • An anti-choking device can save a life. In many cases, a child or adult can choke on their own saliva, food, or a small object. If the person can't clear the obstruction on their own, a device like the Sonmol Choking Rescue Device can help clear it and get them breathing normally again. Having a device like this on hand can help you act quickly and potentially save a life.

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Product advantages

Stable Suction Power

30-40 KPa

Preloaded & Easy to Trigger

One press on the orange button needed

Masks for all members in the family

Theree sizes available

No Potential Risks

Unlike Heimlich, this requires no manual force to ribs

US Patent NO: 29869366D982736

Choking Rescue Device applies the principle of negative pressure suction to create an automatic vacuum environment that instantaneously extracts foreign matter from the throat and upper airway

Single Package

23.5*20.6*9.6 cm 1084.5 g Carton Info: 50*44*54 cm / 23 kg / 20 pieces

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Company Overview

Shanghai SonmolTech Co., Ltd., established in 2014, is a technology-based company dedicated to changing the status of prevention and treatment of chronic diseases in China.
Pitching in respiratory diseases (COPD & asthma), on the one hand, the company builds a hospital-oriented auxiliary analysis model of common respiratory diseases with the lung function big data as the core to help hospitals and doctors improve the diagnosis and treatment capacities of respiratory diseases. On the other hand, it collects out-of-hospital pathological information through intelligent hardware, oriented to patients with chronic respiratory diseases. By resorting to mobile and WeChat Apps, the company connects the data in and out of the hospital, providing a convenient platform for out-of-hospital remote follow-up and disease management of for patients with chronic diseases.
The company is provided with strong R&D capabilities in the diagnosis and management of respiratory diseases, and has many intellectual property rights such as patents for invention, trademarks and software copyrights, as well as a R&D base more than 300m2 equipped with complete R&D equipment and instruments. The R&D team is composed of multi-disciplinary professional R&D technicians, accounting for 70% of the company's total staff, covering many professional fields such as medicine, machine learning algorithms, software, and embedding technology. SonmolTech has ranked among the best entrepreneurial firms related to the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases in China. Up to now, the company has launched a number of clinical research cooperation projects with a number of grade 3 and first-class hospitals and governmental health departments, receiving a wide recognition of the industry.